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Does anyone in this group speak English? I'd love to talk to other guys with Hypospadias!


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» English01/07/09

hi..i am the one who started this group..obviously i have hypospadias...but whats even more inetresting is that my cock head bends downwards as well as my piss hole being underneath the normal...

» English02/07/09

Does it bother you? There are a great many degrees of hypospadias-ness and mine is mild and it sounds like yours is relatively mild as well. If you check out hypo on the web, you'll see lots of variations!


» English25/04/10

sudbury man...im the same as you except for the bend 45 degree angle ..bends toward the bottom..but not the shaft

» English25/04/10

I looked at your pictures and your cock definitely needs to be sucked and drained! I would love to be fucked by a cock like mine and yours!

» English23/06/10

Yes Don, I speak English. Was born with Hypospadias, have had two operations many years ago whish were not satisfactory to me but also have a stricture which means I have to dilate my urethra every week with a catheter just to be able to pee with any stream otherwise it has to be forced out in a dribble and I also get a lot of infections. I am due another two operations but they will not do unless I lose weight. Went to the Plastic Surgeon last week in fact, he wants to do a temporary fix under some anaesthetic but not general where he will open up the hole a bit to ease my problem but not solve it. The main operations would come in two stages again like my last ones where they split the cock underneath and make a new urethra but only a lot bigger bore this time.

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